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Wedding Film PACKAGES

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One day, that’s all a wedding is. The film lasts forever…




We built this package based on the life of a minimalist. The desire to cut back and have more quality, less quantity. This package will give you the best moments of your day, delivered in the form of a short video that you will want to play over and over and share for years to come.




  • 3-4 minute highlight reel

  • 6 hours of on location shooting

  • Full ceremony film

  • Digital delivery

  • We’ll travel anywhere


You will look back on this with fondness




Our Lavish Packages was built for the middle of the road. You want a bit more than the least, but you aren’t ready to pull out all the stops. We get it, we are these kind of people! This will cover your whole day, give you a longer highlight reel and will make you revel in the beauty of the love that happened on the day of your wedding.




  • 8 minute highlight reel + 5 15 second teaser videos

  • 8 hours of on location shooting

  • Full ceremony + the speeches

  • DVD + Digital delivery

  • We’ll travel anywhere


60 minutes of YOU.




Our Luxe Package is every stop pulled out and our favorite package to shoot and edit. We build out a 45-60 minute day of documentary of your day. We love this film package the most because it brings to life your love and it allows for a fun family premiere. You get to watch the day over and over in a theatre style show. Catch the funny moments of the guys getting ready and catch the father of the bride crying after he sees his daughter. You will want this package.




  • Two videographers

  • 3 minute highlight reel + 45-60 minute documentary

  • Full day of on location shooting we start when you wake-up

  • Full ceremony + All speeches

  • Digital delivery + Wood keepsake box delivery

  • We’ll travel anywhere!